Upward Anthropology at AU PAC 2014

It’s official, we will be hosting a workshop at American University’s Public Anthropology Conference! Last year we inaugurated the group with a similar workshop and panel discussion, and we are looking forward to returning to AU this year to broaden the discussion and move ahead with the Upward Anthropology program.

This year’s theme is – appropriately – Violence, Resilience, Resistance, and we hope to contribute to that discussion by exploring the ways that anthropology can be used to¬†understand the sites and structures of power, and inform methods of resistance and resilience. In addition to our workshop, we are particularly looking forward to the keynote address and contributions from Carole McGranahan whose research on Tibetan resistance and the CIA’s response are exemplary of the Upward Anthropology approach. It should be a great conference and a productive workshop for us. The conference will be held October 3rd through 5th at American University in Washington D.C. The final program hasn’t been released, so we will update this post as soon as we know what day and time the workshop will be held.


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