Understanding Resistance


The natural complement to Upward Anthropology is the anthropological study of resistance and how effective resistance works. James Scott’s research on agrarian resistance in Asian villages is an excellent example, and in this interview he discusses that research and how it can be applied in the West.

From the bio:

James C. Scott is professor of politics and anthropology, founder of Yale’s agrarian Studies program and he’s been described as an anarchist and marxist.

Some of his books include:

  • The art of not being governed
  • Weapons of the Weak; Everyday forms of Resistance
  • Domination and the Arts of Resistance; Hidden Transcripts
  • Seeing Like A State; How Certain Schemes to Improve the Human Condition Have Failed
  • Two Cheers for Anarchism; Six easy pieces on Autonomy, Dignity and meaningful work and play.

Thanks to Synthetic_Zero for the link.


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